Raise Your GPA Calculators

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Calculator 1: Predicted Cumulative GPA at End of Term

For each course you are taking this semester, enter the number of credits and your anticipated grade. Do not include courses that you are taking pass/fail. Press Calculate GPA to find your predicted new cumulative GPA at the end of this term.


Calculator 2: Average GPA Needed to Raise Cumulative GPA

I am currently taking . If I want to to at the end of the semester, what GPA will I need to average this semester to reach that goal?


Please note, the highest possible term GPA at UMR is a 4.0.

Calculator 3: Additional GPA Credit Hours Needed to Raise Cumulative GPA

I would like to . If I can maintain a from now on, how many additional GPA credit hours will it take to raise my GPA to this new level?


Calculator 4: Course Repeat GPA Calculator

Retaking a course? This calculator will show you how a replaced grade will impact your GPA.